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This web site is the online presence for the photos created by David Anderson showcasing the various genres and work undertaken in the pursuit of photographic excellence – although I may not be there just quite yet.

The galleries (see navigation on the left) will take you each individual genre and some of these images can be purchased via the online shop – details to be published shortly.

I often organise photo shoots and look to develop my portfolio so if you are budding photographer and want to join me on a shoot or are a model and would like to pose either in studio or on location, then please get in touch via the Contact Us page.

To me, photography is one pastime I love and have been doing it now for over 20 years but I still find I am learning new things – it’s a progressive skill to learn and, although there are photographic rules to obey, those rules can also be broken!


The History of David Anderson Photography

If you’re interested in how this all came about, then continue reading….

In the late 1990s, a friend of mine (Tim) purchased a new camera and offered me his old one; a Sony A100. Sony had recently purchased the camera manufacturer Minolta and were venturing into this market. It was DSLR and I had two lenses. I soon became hooked, getting out with the camera and just shooting but identified my skills were severely lacking. In those days, there were a number of photographic magazines and I subscribed to DSLR User (no longer in publication) which also had an online presence I readily joined.

The online forum allowed me to connect with other photographers and I was soon joining them on shoots where, using peer support, was able to develop my skills and work on genres that really interested me. At the time, this was mainly cityscapes and lowlight photography. 

I soon upgraded the camera to a Sony A700 (which was possibly the best Sony Alpha camera I have ever owned) and the A55 a couple of years after that. Around 2018, I moved into the “full frame” market with a Sony A77 II and the new range of FE-Mount lenses and this is where I am today. Would I say I like Sony cameras? Well, yes I do but the initial range of cameras meant that there was an abundance of lenses (most relatively cheap too) as Sony was making their own lenses but Minolta lenses were also compatible plus we had other manufacturers such as Sigma making A-Mount lenses too. Moving to FE-Mount meant that my credit card took a battering and I’m still looking to get a 20mm lenses but at over £1000 a pop, it will have to wait!

So, if you’re interested in seeing what I’ve been shooting, check the Galleries on the left and I hope you enjoy my images.

Thanks for the visit and please, check back from time-to-time as I’ll be adding more.